Sunday, September 21, 2014

Half up Half down Wedding Hairstyles Tutorial

A wedding is an event not to be missed. If family or friends you will be doing a show, and you include a name in the invitation. Then you would think not to disappoint them, which by the way should attend their wedding event.

If you own the marriage experienced it, nor is it something that should be taken casually. Because of the necessarily more preparation, you have to plan, in order to give the best impression for your own.

One of the many preparations is certainly you think what hairstyle should you choose. Alternatively, you already have a picture of the hairstyle, but you do not understand at all how to do it. You do not need to worry. The following brief and easy way to organize your own hair.

Half up Half down Wedding Hairstyles Tutorial

Wedding Hairstyles

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How to Choose Wedding Dress Fit Body Shape

Nice Wedding Gowns. Wedding Dresses though designed with quality and style is interesting or nice, naturally should also be adapted to the wearer's body shape.

Hour Glass Shape Body

This ideal body shape craving women, top down, and a small amount of balanced in the middle section (stomach). This body shape is almost perfect with all types of wedding dresses. Why? Almost new, because there is good also the dress selection process tailored to your tastes, your personality, etc.
View Picture collection of  Wedding Gown Here

Pear Shape Body

It is great on the bottom of the body, ranging from the hips, buttocks, and thighs. Dress form is strongly advised a-line; Ball Gown or models that can be "shrink" look under your body shape. The following example models a dress suitable for Pear Body. Give also the details accent the dress to draw attention to other parts of the body that do not stand out.

Apple Shape Body

It’s great at the top of the body, as opposed to fruit pear body shape. Dress with V-shaped v-neck top (Collar V) or sweetheart (heart-shaped tube collar) to shrink the appearance of body shape. Avoid dresses strapless model (flat tube) because it would give the impression of larger.

Square Shape Body

Body shape from top to bottom flat slope or less. Tips to deal with it is to turn its gaze to the upper part of the body that is to choose the model dresses strapless, or one shoulder and the empire waistline for the bottom of the dress.

There is already a picture where wedding dresses are best suited for you? Surely the appropriate body shape, so that on the wedding day arrives, you are "the most beautiful woman on earth" at the day.